About Us

DealerCue was formed when a small group of automotive industry guys and software nerds started sharing ideas about how to build a better vehicle valuation and inventory product. Does a book value or month-old wholesale data point matter if your competitor across the street has the same car priced at what you thought was “wholesale”?

Wouldn’t it be huge to know what your competitors are selling, stocking and pricing?

With backgrounds in data-aggregation, automotive software, dealership management, and automotive marketing, the DealerCue product team designed and developed VinCue, a cutting edge vehicle valuation, inventory management, and market sales analytics product.

Our goal: To give you a truly next-generation product.

The VinCue dashboards make it incredibly easy to get the big picture. Instantly understand what’s happening in your market, click a drill-down to see all the details.

VinCue is fully mobile. Like you are.

Use it at your desk – fresh, crisp analytics and reports fill your entire screen. Then, hit the road and see mobile views of your competitors sales, your vehicle appraisals, and everything else in the application in mobile form factor. Our native mobile app raises the bar even further. With split-second VIN scanning and native mobile speeds, you can appraise vehicles on the go, even buy and sell vehicles wholesale without ever sitting at your desk.

We are social. VinCue is social.

We are spoiled by technology. We get our information and communicate with one another in realtime. With VinCue we wanted to extend this capability into automotive dealerships. VinCue sends you a text when your competitors drop prices. It emails you market analysis to give you something informative to read while you drive to work (just kidding, kind of). It pushes competitor sales and inventory updates to your email. VinCue connects wholesale buyers with sellers, without using a wholesaler or paying auction fees. Social.