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BidCue makes it simple for dealers to stock and sell what the market demands faster and more profitably.

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See how BidCue will help you stock smarter, sell faster and grow profits.

BidCue and Your Market

Maintaining profitability in a changing market requires the right tools for an agile market strategy.  Market experts agree; the most profitable dealers are students of their market, able to apply competitive, car-specific insights to their dealership's vehicle stocking, pricing and desking decisions.

BidCue technology makes it simple to discover what your customers want, and easier for you to get it.  It's a win-win. A customer-focused strategy is destined to positively impact all aspects of your dealership, and allow you to stay profitable in an ever-changing market.

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BidCue Features

  • Know makes models and trim levels your customers want to buy.
  • Go to auction with a strategy for acquisition based on data.
  • Integrated with preferred auction sites.
  • Appraise vehicles you need and add them your cart before the auction.
  • Sync data across mobile and desktop.


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