Automotive Customer Journey

The Automotive Customer Journey

Dealerships must understand the automotive customer journey in order to compete in an consumer driven marketplace.

How Car Buying Has Changed

At the 2017 Google Marketing Next presentation the Director of Audience Products explained how today’s path to buying a car has changed. Gone are the days where shoppers search for the “closest ___ dealer” or “cars for sale”.

Today’s consumer spends significant time online researching. Behaviors include reading vehicle reviews, and watching test-drives on YouTube. Customers have an idea what they want to buy before ever stepping foot in a dealership. DealerCue gives you tools to impact your market when it counts.

Bottom line: we are driven by your success.  We are constantly innovating; obsessed with finding ways to make staying in step with your market simple. DealerCue market pricing, appraisal and sourcing solutions offer a consumer’s view of your market. Call us today 844-484-6283 or email for more information.