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The Dealer’s Guide to CarMax Auctions

By Ben Putano | Jul 31, 2018

CarMax has fundamentally changed the game for dealerships. Now they’re trying to do the same with dealer auctions. With 75 auction sites around the country, CarMax is winning over dealers with the same friendly, transparent service that made them the largest used car retailer in the US. CarMax Dealer Auctions are currently the third largest…

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Carfax vs. AutoCheck: Which Vehicle History Tool is Right for Your Dealership

By Ben Putano | Jul 5, 2018

For good or bad, most car buyers today refuse to take a car dealer at their word, especially when it comes to buying a used car. Vehicle history reports are virtually non-negotiable in today’s world of ultra-transparent deals. Which leaves dealers with a sticky question: Should they choose Carfax or Autocheck? Carfax and Autocheck are…

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Vin Viper Has Closed Down. What’s Next? Meet VinCue

By Ben Putano | Jul 2, 2018

Vin Viper was a pioneer in car dealership technology. Almost a decade ago, Selig Technologies unveiled Vin Viper as one of the first mobile appraisal apps. It was an instant success and quickly became a top appraisal tool for car dealerships. However, the company grew too quickly and had trouble scaling. After years of technical…

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VinCue vs. laser appraiser

VinCue vs. Laser Appraiser: Comparing Dealer Tools

By Ben Putano | Jun 26, 2018

We all try to deliver the ultimate car buying experience to our customers. In a word-of-mouth industry like auto sales, these “magic” moments are as important as ever. The problem is, customers are less impressed by our “tricks” than they used to be. Back in the day, a dealer could do a customer a favor…

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introducing adcue by dealercue

DealerCue Introduces AdCue, an Ad Management Tool for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | Jun 21, 2018

AdCue uses real-time market data to deliver highly targeted ads and send customers directly to your website. DealerCue, the creators of VinCue pricing and appraisal software, has just launched their newest tool for auto dealers called AdCue. AdCue is a programmatic ad tool that gives small and mid-size dealers a better, more affordable way to market…

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Used car sales metrics

Used Car Sales Stalled Out? 3 Most Common Problems

By Ben Putano | Jun 14, 2018

The auto industry is more competitive than ever, and depending on your market, you might feel like you’re keeping pace or falling behind. Used car sales is especially challenging. Customers are more educated (and more picky) than ever, and tightening margins put a pressure on your sales team to turn more vehicles. Many dealers are…

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VinCue vs. Autoniq

VinCue vs. Autoniq: Pricing and Appraisal Tools for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | May 11, 2018

Ever wonder what separates the best dealerships from the average ones? If you ask the leaders of Keffer Management Group– a 17-dealership business based in North Carolina– they will tell you success boils down to 30 metrics. These metrics include: Net profit to sales: 5% Net profit to gross: 35% Used- and new-vehicle sales ratio:…

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vincue car appraisal

Car Appraisal: How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy

By Ben Putano | Apr 24, 2018

“You don’t make money when you sell a car; you make money when you buy it.” If you agree with this statement, then you already understand the importance of an accurate car appraisal. Appraisal is the lifeblood of any used car program because it has the biggest impact on your bottom line. That’s right– it’s…

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VinCue vs. vAuto Provision

VinCue vs. vAuto: Comparing Pricing & Appraisal Tools for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | Apr 13, 2018

“Make the experience feel like magic.” Someone once shared this little-known sales mantra with me and it has stuck ever since. You want customers to feel like you read their minds. They arrive at your dealership skeptical and unsure, but they leave in awe. You have met their every want and need, even those they…

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