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Used car sales metrics

Used Car Sales Stalled Out? 3 Most Common Problems

By Ben Putano | Jun 14, 2018

Updated January 6, 2019 The auto industry is more competitive than ever, especially in used car sales. You are either excelling or falling behind– there is no status quo. Customers are highly educated and can afford to be picky. Plus, tightening margins put a pressure on your sales team to turn more vehicles. Many dealers…

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VinCue vs. Autoniq

VinCue vs. Autoniq: Pricing and Appraisal Tools for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | May 11, 2018

Updated January 6, 2019 Ever wonder what separates the best dealerships from the average ones? If you ask the leaders of Keffer Management Group– a 17-dealership business based in North Carolina– they will tell you success boils down to 30 metrics. These metrics include: Net profit to sales: 5% Net profit to gross: 35% Used-…

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VinCue vs. vAuto Provision

VinCue vs. vAuto: Comparing Pricing & Appraisal Tools for Auto Dealers

By Ben Putano | Apr 13, 2018

Updated January 5, 2019 The goal of every auto dealer is to make the car-buying experience feel like magic. Nothing makes a customer happier than having the exact vehicle– down to the equipment level– at the perfect price. Throw in excellent service and you’ll win a customer for life. How do you create “magic” for a…

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revcue dealership software

RevCue Inventory Management and Websites

By Kristin Huntley | Aug 31, 2017

DealerCue Debuts RevCue, Inventory Management & Website Solutions for Dealerships Kansas City, Missouri, August 31, 2017—DealerCue releases RevCue, the latest addition to the VinCue automotive dealership software suite delivering integrated, full-featured, pricing, stocking and merchandising solutions affordable for dealerships of all sizes. DealerCue has experienced exponential growth over the last year by delivering on its…

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leaders part 2

Leading Change in a Challenging Market – Part Two

By Adam Tobias | Aug 24, 2017

Strategic Leaders Provide Focus Scarcity Brings Clarity Leaders bring clarity and focus through challenging times. “I believe scarcity breeds clarity: it focuses minds, forcing people to think creatively and rise to the challenge.”, said Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin in his 2008 letter to investors. While it’s hard to imagine a more bulletproof organization than Google.…

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leadership boats

Leading Change in a Challenging Market – Part One

By Kristin Huntley | Jul 25, 2017

What Needs to Change? “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill The onslaught of negative news regarding the current automotive marketplace can be discouraging for even the most positive leader.  Action-oriented leaders view a challenging market as an opportunity to re-evaluate spending and improve processes. Others make…

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can we talk websites

Can We Talk About Your Website?

By Kristin Huntley | Jun 20, 2017

Evaluating Your Virtual Showroom (Your Dealership Website) Your website is your virtual showroom, so it’s important to make sure you’ve taken care of some critical housekeeping for it to perform effectively.  Caring for your site is as important as cleaning your showroom and the cars on your lot…maybe even more important!  Nearly everyone goes online to…

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Beholden to Book Values-PART 3

By Adam Tobias | Mar 30, 2017

How do you stop relying on book values when it comes to purchasing inventory, whether at auction or via trade? Dealers must understand that consumers are going to purchase a car based on what they want, not based on what its worth.

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Is Your Dealership Beholden to Book Values? – PART TWO

By Adam Tobias | Mar 16, 2017

Book Values and Your Customer How much money would you have if you got a dime every time you heard this phrase from a customer; “KBB says my vehicle is worth more than you are giving me.” How you respond next can make or break a sale…but if your dealership is beholden to book values, you…

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