“My Inventory Isn’t Moving”

You work hard to stock the right vehicles, but your inventory turn rate stays stubbornly high. The dealership loses money on every vehicle that sits for more than 30 days. You have a choice to make — hold out for a buyer, or wholesale the car and cut your losses.

Where’s the weak link in your inventory strategy?

Is it your marketing? Merchandising? Your sales process? The inventory itself? With Vincue, you won’t have to guess. You’ll just know.

Vincue allows you to optimize your inventory for your local market. Use advanced local data to stock the right inventory at the right price, improving your turn rate and margins at the same time.

VinCue empowers dealers to:

  • Set competitive, yet profitable prices
  • Find perfect inventory fit for your market
  • Win high-quality trade-ins
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors

Don’t settle for high inventory turn. Sell fast with VinCue.