Our Team

Our goal: To focus on your market, so you can focus on your customers. Consumers drive today’s marketplace. More than 75% begin their car buyer journey online. In order to connect with more customers, you have to know what they want and what they see when they shop online.

Leveraging data from more than 40,000 dealer website, DealerCue technology allows you to view your market from the customer’s perspective. What are the high volume, quick turn vehicles in your market? Do you have them in stock? Are they priced for your market? Having the data to answer these questions, and the ability to respond to them quickly makes all the difference.

Our mission: To make market intelligence accessible to dealerships of every size. Bottom line: we are driven by your success. We are constantly innovating; obsessed with finding ways to make staying in step with your market simple. Our No-Contract policy means we earn your business every month. And with DealerCue, you can instantly see what your customer sees in order to strategically master your market.

DealerCue was formed when a small group of automotive industry guys and software nerds started sharing ideas about how to build a better vehicle valuation and inventory sourcing product.

With backgrounds in data-aggregation, automotive software, dealership management, and automotive marketing, the DealerCue product team designed and developed VinCue, a real-time, intelligent, market-driven vehicle appraisal, pricing and inventory sourcing solution.


Chris Hoke


Brian Kellogg

CO-FOUNDER | Developer

Jeff Rice

CO-FOUNDER | Developer

Rest of the team coming soon!