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Vin Viper Has Closed Down. What’s Next? Meet VinCue

Updated January 6, 2019 Vin Viper was a pioneer in car dealership technology. Almost a decade ago, Selig Technologies unveiled Vin Viper as one of the first mobile appraisal apps. It was an instant success and quickly became a top appraisal tool for car dealerships. However, the company grew too quickly and had trouble scaling.…

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VinCue vs. Laser Appraiser: Comparing Dealer Tools

VinCue vs. laser appraiser

Updated January 6, 2019 It is harder than ever for dealerships to make money. As local and national competition heats up, dealership margins are becoming slimmer. Customers are also better informed and expect the best deal every time. For a dealership to succeed, they need to be on their A-game.  Pricing and appraisal tools have…

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Used Car Sales Stalled Out? 3 Most Common Problems

Used car sales metrics

Updated January 6, 2019 The auto industry is more competitive than ever, especially in used car sales. You are either excelling or falling behind– there is no status quo. Customers are highly educated and can afford to be picky. Plus, tightening margins put a pressure on your sales team to turn more vehicles. Many dealers…

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VinCue vs. Autoniq: Pricing and Appraisal Tools for Auto Dealers

VinCue vs. Autoniq

Updated January 6, 2019 Ever wonder what separates the best dealerships from the average ones? If you ask the leaders of Keffer Management Group– a 17-dealership business based in North Carolina– they will tell you success boils down to 30 metrics. These metrics include: Net profit to sales: 5% Net profit to gross: 35% Used-…

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